Éole portrait on Gébroulaz glacier

tea break while capturing A long exposure 

His thirst for new cultures and different points of view has been his motivation for the last decade. Lines, curves, geometry, symmetry orchestrate his melody.
He continues to find interest in playing with what he calls:
“It is right in front of you, all you need to do is see it”
Recently, he received a call from the outdoors and realized that the wild soothes. His usual  photo sessions turned out to be a whole new kind of expedition.
He felt an urge to climb to the summit, so he did just that carrying with him all his equipment. He ended up sleeping in a tent in the midst of winter. Through it all, he discovered rare glimpses of beauty the wilderness had to offer the privileged few who made it to the top. And so, he felt he had to bring them back and share them with his fellow Sapien friends.
Merci 📸

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