Exploring prompt tweaking with ChatGPT and Midjourney - AIs are talking to themselves!
AI assisted image generation is a hot trending topic in 2023. It has never got that easy to create anything straigh out of your mind!

All you need is to provide is some words in a natural language to a bot through what we call a prompt. Then, here we use Midjourney, it generates you something that "feels" your idea. You can even generate realistic photographical images. The more precise you get, better your image is. 

As I'm writing this note, I used the following versions: 

This is already impressive, but they have their limitations and imperfections. We can assume that in the next few months, years, it will drastically improves.

Part 1: Generation

So for today, I have started with the following prompt: 

a middle aged man standing next to his bike in vibrant european street at dusk

This is quite detailed already you may say. Midjourney always provides 4 altenates versions, you get to iterate on some of them. When you are happy with you result, you can ask for better resolution one.

It provided me these images​​​​​​​:
The result is quite stunning! Colors and tones give this nice warm feeling. The depth of field is accurate and emphasizes the subject the way we'd expect for this kind of street photo exercice. There is not much glitches to be found. We see the pictures are having some quite realistic render. The pictures are all well structured. You can see some shadows are missing under the bike of the third and. One bike has four cables. To be honest, I have seen worse.

I wanted to see how it behaves when you provide more details.

So I trained ChatGPT. Basically, I showed it prompt examples, explained it how to behave with midjourney's parameters. I asked it to provide me a more detailed scene. 
Here, I'm looking for photorealistic images, so I tought it to also provide some technical camera details. A render from a polaroid differs from a Canon R5. 
I assume also there could a bias from the pictures it was trained with. I.e. Street photographic styles tend not to be shot with polaroids, but more common expensive lens.

if you are interested, I will create a dedicated paper about this

This is the answer ChatGPT filled after my previous prompt. 

A middle - aged man in casual clothing stands confidently next to his bicycle on a vibrant European street at dusk. The street is bustling with energy, with colorful buildings and a mix of pedestrians and cyclists in the background. The man is captured in sharp focus, with his expression conveying a sense of relaxation and contentment. The photograph was taken with a Sony Alpha A7 III camera and a Sony FE 28mm f/ 2 lens, with a warm filter added in post - production to enhance the atmosphere. This image is perfect for use in travel or lifestyle publications, evoking a sense of freedom, adventure, and joie de vivre. 

I let you judge the results: 

It looks like pictures from a photographical serie

This man doesn't exists!
This man neither
The light is so true in this picture. Look at the reflection on the face
I 'm impressed by the realistic details. Even the bokeh from the exquisite lense is true to its nature.

Do you find a difference?

I personaly, really find that images convey a more emotional feeling when provided with a more complex prompt. I also really like how the AI made these portrait quite different, they are not so much all the same guys stereotypes. There is variarity.

It seems providing your prompt with deeper info really makes your photo livelier.

For the fun, here is the same serie derived in Instagram format.

Part 2 : variations

Another exemple when you ask midjourney to provide you with variations on a single subject: 
It' s interesting to see how your brain understands they are the same thing.
Same compo, an old man, a bike, photorealistic, bokey, dusk.

By the way, it is possible to ask to describe picture to Midjourney. I uploaded the first photo and it provided me 4 prompts: 

1️⃣ dazzling cityscapes, grandparentcore, extremely gendered, reductionist form, solarizing master, night photography --ar 4:5 

2️⃣ a man holding a bike, in the style of grandparentcore, dazzling cityscapes, city portraits, soft-focus, stan lee, gerard van honthorst, portraits with soft lighting --ar 4:5 

3️⃣ man is old and in his 50s, in the style of dutch and flemish, street-savvy, bokeh, uhd image, evocative environmental portraits, illuminated visions, soft-focus portraits --ar 4:5 

4️⃣ a man standing on a street, in the style of grandparentcore, light-focused, dutch and flemish, flickering light, romantic emotivity, precisionist, chris claremont --ar 4:5

Of course you can endless play by generating a new image based on one of these prompts. Here is the results from the 2️⃣: 
Don't you think it really got inspiration from famous people. I can see Tom Hanks!

Thank you for stopping by. What do you think about it? 
Let me know in the comments.
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